Hardened Wood with Woodura® surface


Like a lump of coal is transformed into a diamond, the wood layer is hardened by high pressure and temperature.

- The result is a hardened wood surface that is 3 x stronger than traditional wood flooring.

Awarded technology

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The Woodura® surface is based on fusing a thin sheet of wood with a wood fiber core through a powder mix layer. The powder mix perfectly fills up the natural openings of the wood and enhances the wood appearance. Moreover, it eliminates the need for putty operations and creates a significantly stronger surface with a hardness significantly greater than a traditional solid oak layer.

Product build-up

1. Hardwax oil or UV lacquer

2. Natural oak or ash wood covering

3. Wood-based powder layer

4. High-quality moisture-resistant High Density Fiberboard

5. Wood-based powder layer

6. Spruce veneer backing layer

Give character to your room

 Just like solid wood, every single wood sheet is unique. Woodura® provides an opportunity to enhance these unique characters by combining different wood sheet qualities with powder mixes in different colors. After pressing, the flooring products with Woodura are treated with surface treatment, thereby adding further design possibilities that truly reflect one’s individual taste.

Whether you want to give your room a contemporary, vintage or industrial character, a floor with Woodura can help you on the way.

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